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Children's Program

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At MHS, we believe schools have a very crucial role to play in every child’s life & health in particular. It is a place where education and health programs can have greatest impact because they can reach students at influential stages in their life – childhood and adolescence. Schools are not one of the institutions which can promote good health but they are the most important ones. Of all the age groups theirs is the healthiest, and it is one in which foundations can be laid for a healthy future.

Objective of MHS School Health program is:

  • Promote positive health
  • Spread health awareness
  • Prevent diseases
  • Diagnose early and treat
  • Ensure Continuity of care
  • 1 recipe every week
  • 1 Fitness video
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MHS with its comprehensive health program for different age groups in the school helps to improve the performance of the schools as ill health leads to increased absenteeism, school performance and decreased level of child well being. We aim at working closely with the parents to reduce the negative impact of the illness on the child and the school. Also, Students have various questions in different phases of life such as about growth and development, to diseases and their treatments and serious emotional and mental problems which at times need referrals to specialists.