Posted APRIL 4, 2017

Simple tips for PCOD

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) has really taken a toll on women who are on their heels to balance the ever demanding professional and family life. This condition usually occurs in the reproductive age and is caused by hormonal imbalance. In this condition, small cysts form in the ovaries which affect the hormones and disrupt the normal menstrual cycle. Women diagnosed with PCOS usually have an increased level of male hormones and insulin resistance and lowered levels of progesterone. Some of the common causes of PCOS are excessive stress, anxiety, depression, a faulty lifestyle or perennial tension.

Several scientific research studies have proven the tremendous health benefits of yoga for PCOS. Increased muscle mass helps combat the insulin resistance, the increased heart rate helps in weight loss, promoting hormonal balance ,reduces inflammation & de-stresses the body. Here are a few yoga poses that are especially beneficial for managing PCOS symptoms.

1. Butterfly pose (Bhadrasana)

This is quite an easy pose and can be done quite quickly. Sit down and spread your legs in the front. Flex your knees and bring your heels closer to your genitals. Clutch your palms around the foot and flap your thighs like a butterfly. Do it slowly and gradually increase the speed. This exercise increases the blood circulation to your genitals and slows down progress of cystic growth.

2. Superwoman pose(Warrior pose)

Lie flat on your stomach. Spread your arms and legs well. Raise your arms slowly along with the legs. So, at the end of the pose, only stomach and chest must be hitting the ground.

3. Child pose

Being a child relieves all the stress out of you and so does this pose. Kneel down on yoga mat and sit on your heels. Please keep your heels slightly apart. Bring your head down in front to touch the floor and lay your chest and stomach completely on your thighs. This supports detoxification of the body and keeps your ovaries healthy.

4. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Cobra pose exerts pressure on the stomach and helps to stimulate ovarian function. It has many advantages like improved digestion, reduced stress, good for the chest, lungs, and shoulders.

5. Naukasana (Boat pose)

Naukasana is good in case of PCOS as the boat pose put excess pressure on the abdominal region.

6. Nadi Shodana Pranayama

This breathing technique directly nourishes the pituitary gland and regulates the hormonal secretion by cleansing the channels. This is quite simple and can be practiced frequently at your work desk too. Sit comfortably and use your right hand’s little finger and ring finger to close your left nostril gently. Breathe in deeply through the right nostril. Now closing your right nostril gently with your thumb, release the left nostril and exhale and do this vice versa. Repeat the cycle 5 times.

7. Bhramri Pranayama

It is the only pranayama technique which controls all the negative domains such as stress, strain, anxiety, tension, depression, etc. So, it is helpful in contending your mood swings.

The relaxing and rejuvenating power of yoga is better than conventional physical exercise program as it helps to release the deep rooted stress in the system.