Posted MAY 27, 2016

School Health Program

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Medi-Skool School Health Program

At MEDI-SKOOL, we believe schools have a very crucial role to play in every child’s life & health in particular. It is a place where education and health programs can have greatest impact because they can reach students at influential stages in their life – childhood and adolescence. Schools are not one of the institutions which can promote good health but they are the most important ones. Of all the age groups theirs is the healthiest, and it is one in which foundations can be laid for a healthy future.

  • Regular check-ups, counselling sessions and immunizations help ensure normal development, health, mental & physical growth, and protection from preventable disease.
  • Proper nutrition and physical activity help kids avoid common and potentially severe diseases.
  • Many diseases, including eye, dental, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, can be lessened or avoided with the evaluation, guidance, and support offered by a child’s parents/li>

Program Objectives:

  • Promote positive health
  • Spread health awareness
  • Prevent diseases
  • Diagnose early and treat
  • Ensure Continuity of care
  • Exchange of health information
  • Promptness in diagnosing and treating mental illness
  • Making health monitoring seamless through technology

Our main focus area is schools as they are the backbone of future India. We have a program for school children with focus on preventive medicine including nutrition, fitness regimen implementation and behaviour change In addition, we also help in simplifying process of storing, accessing and sharing of health data. We strongly believe that Healthy Child will help in building a healthy nation.

  • Arrange for Healthy Mom Healthy Child workshop including interactive activities
  • Stress Management workshop based on stories
  • Thoughtful Eating Workshop for students, teachers & parents
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Canteen menu planning and hygiene in-charge

Apart from the annual school health check up, MEDI-SKOOL enables users to:

  • Store/maintain/access health records, 24/7
  • Psychometric testing