Posted NOVEMBER 22, 2016

Look Young, Feel Young

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Staying young has been everyone’s dream since times immemorial. The aging process of an individual is largely determined by his/ her genetic makeup, state of mind (stress), what we eat and the air we breathe and the general lifestyle. With the rapid urbanisation, the stress levels have gone up, everyday we are inhaling a wide variety of pollutants and we are not sure of the quality of food that we eat. Also we are getting little time for exercise. The scenario sounds quite depressing! Once we are aware of what needs to be corrected all this can be taken care of.

Aging is a constant process. Skin aging is a part of the overall aging process of the body. It is unique in terms of it’s visibility. A number of factors contribute to this universal process most important among these being genetics, sun, stress, smoking and diet. Sun exposure both direct and indirect is the major cause of aging. Applying a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 and PA Factor of 4 + can slow down this aging process significantly in a normal, healthy individual. For direct sun exposure, physical means of sunprotection like hats and umbrellas need to be added. In current scenario there is lot of talk about Vit. D deficiency and hence, the need for sunexposure. For Vitamin D production in skin , UV B spectrum of sunlight is important which is available from 10-3 pm, time when most of us are anyways indoors. Also exposure of arms and legs to sun leads to exposure to a greater surface area rather than exposure of facial skin.

Smoking is becoming a fashion statement these days. This leads to formation of oxidants which significantly accelerates the aging process. Also, smoking is known to worsen pimples. Some amount of passive smoke we are all exposed to on a regular basis due to the amount of pollution in the air, specially for people living in metropolitan cities. A diet rich in antioxidants taken regularly helps to negate the effect of these oxidants to a certain extent.

Also we are not sure of the nutritive value of diet that we eat. Under the present circumstances healthy lifestyle and proper diet becomes an absolute must.

Age control is the means of maintaining a healthy skin according to the age of the person. In a healthy person, regular use of sunscreen, moderate exercise, nutritious diet and stress free lifestyle is enough for age control.

Age defying is when you want to look younger than your contemporaries. Some are genetically blessed! For most of us mortals this remains a dream. It can become a reality by following the age control measures from an early age. Also, a number of scientifically proven procedures are available with your dermatologist.

Age is just the tip of the iceberg. At Medi-Skool in our anti-ageing program we help you take care of your skin, hair and bones through diet and exercise and help you stay young and you can prolong your youthful life significantly.