Posted MAY 27, 2016

Health @ Corporate

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We see them everywhere. Sharply dressed in their suits, milling about like ants, going in and out of their glass high rise buildings, not giving a damn about where they are because they have to achieve that next target, they have to send that proposal by the days end, they have to get to that meeting in 5 minutes. These are corporate employees.

But what we don’t often realize is that, all these hard working people which create a large chunk of the economy are actually putting themselves at a serious risk of chronic diseases simply because of poor stress management, improper diet, wrong posture among other factors.

Chronic diseases depend on dietary, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors along with age and gender. These diseases which can be prevented by simple changes in our way of life can lead to an overall decline in health, contribute to health related expenses, lower productivity and greater number of days missed by employees as well as employers.

According to the world health organization (WHO), chronic diseases, also known as non communicable disease (NCD’s) are responsible for 63% of the global deaths.

We at Medi-Skool provide a comprehensive support and guidance to tackle the menace of chronic diseases. It is a four-step process:


While the presence of a single risk factor can lead to illness, there is an increasing risk of developing chronic disease when more than one risk factor is present. The effects of multiple risk factors can manifest in the earlier development of a condition, in an increased burden and need for management of a condition, in greater health care costs and ultimately in reduced life expectancy.
With the help of BCA testing and risk assessment questionnaire we are able to determine the risk factors present in a person. This allows us to formulate strategy specifically targeting the risk factors in each individual.


Using data from the risk assessment test a unique diet plan and exercise regime will be developed to specifically target the risk factors. Customers will be guided through the program with regular status checks and easy to cook diet plan.

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